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Stucco & Siding Services

Stucco Remediation Contractor

Grant Contracting has been a stucco and siding repair contractor for over twenty-five years. With our years of experience, we know the best methods to handle stucco remediation with the care needed for your home.  We work with the best stucco inspectors in Delaware County to help get to the heart of your home’s stucco problems. The inspectors will let us know the extent of remediation needed through photos of problematic areas and moisture readings so that we can provide an estimate of the work to be done on your home.

Stucco Remediation & Contractor Services

Stucco Remediation is the process of repairing the stucco and/or the substrate behind the stucco. In most of the cases we have seen, stucco faults are small and easy to repair. When it comes to substrate failures however, the scope of the repair doubles in size. You want to select someone who has the experience needed to handle all of the aspects of stucco remediation and that is where Grant Contracting comes in. Reach out today to get an estimate of your home’s stucco remediation. 

Siding Repair Contractor & Services

Stucco & Siding Replacement Contractor

There are various ways your siding could become damaged such as severe weather, wear and tear, or even a tree falling and scraping the siding of your home. Anything can happen and Grant Contracting understands that wholeheartedly. We are here to help repair any damage that may arise in your home. If you are worried about cracks or any other damage done to your home’s siding, then you have come to the right contractors. We have the experience necessary to handle and siding repair job and we use the best materials in the business. Don’t wait till the cracks form into serious damage, contact us today and receive an estimate on your home’s siding repair.

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