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Stucco Remediation Contractor

Stucco Remediation Contractor

If you are in need of Stucco Remediation in the Delaware County and surrounding areas, look no further than Grant Contracting. We have the experience needed to handle all aspects of stucco remediation to make your home look brand new again.

Siding Replacement Contractor

Siding Replacement Contractor

There are various ways your siding could become damage and may be in need of replacement. Look no further than Grant Contracting to replace your home’s siding. We are the contractors with the experience to help protect your home.

Grant Contracting

Martin Grant has been a stucco and stone contractor for over twenty-five years. Mostly working in the Delaware County area and the surrounding counties near his headquarters. He is a certified roof and stucco inspector. Along with those credentials, he holds a CFEI National Certificate as certified fire and explosion investigator. Martin believes in doing the work correctly the first time.

No matter when your home was built or how well it was constructed or when you purchased it your home can become prone to stucco failure or other common problems such as mold and moisture contamination. Even if your home has a minor crack in the stucco it can invite moisture inside leading to large problems that can impact the structural integrity of the house.

Delaware County Stucco is a leading expert in examining the problem and finding a solution that will satisfy your needs as well keeping your home a safe.

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